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Chronological Order when first published in Russian, etc. with English first-published info, also (lit) literal translation of title if differing from original.

(1916) THE MEANING OF THE CREATIVE ACT trans by Donald A. Lowrie, London: V. Gollanz, 1955, New York1955, 344 p.

(1923) DOSTOIEVSKY trans by Donald Attwater, London: Sheed and Ward, 1934; New York: Meridian Books, 1957; Mirosozertsanie Dostoyevskogo (lit.) The WorldView of Dostoievsky.

(1923) THE MEANING OF HISTORY trans by George Reavey London: G. Bles, 1936, 224 p.; New York: Scribner's, 1936.

(1924) THE END OF OUR TIME trans by Donald Attwater, London: Sheed & Ward, 1933, 258 p.; Novoe Crednevekov'e (lit.) The New Middle Ages.

(1926) LEONTIEV trans by George Leavey, London: G. Bles, 1940, 230 p.; Konstantin Leont'ev: Ocherk iz istorii russkoi religioznoi mysli (lit.) Konstantin Leontiev: A sketch from the history of Russian religious thought.

(1927-28) FREEDOM AND THE SPIRIT trans by Oliver Fielding Clarke, London: G. Bles, 1935, 362 p., New York: Scribner's 1935; Philosophia Svobodnogo Dukha (lit.) Philosophy of the Freedom of Spirit -- published in 2 vol. 1927-28

(1931) THE DESTINY OF MAN trans by N. Duddington, London: G. Bles, 1937, 378 p., New York: Scribner's, 1937.

(1931) CHRISTIANITY AND CLASS WAR trans by Donald Attwater, London: Sheed & Ward, 1933, 123 p.

(1931) THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION London: Sheed and Ward, 1931; Id. New York, 1932, 95 p. (English Collection of Berdyaev Journal Articles)

(1934) THE BOURGEOIS MIND and other Studies in Modern Life London, 1934, 130 p. (English Collection of Berdyaev Journal Articles)

(1934) THE FATE OF MAN IN THE MODERN WORLD trans by Donald A. Lowrie, [2nd ed.] London: S.C.M. Press, 1938, 126 p., Milwaukee: C. Moorehouse, 1935.

(1934) SOLITUDE AND SOCIETY trans by George Reavey, London: G. Bles, 1938, 207 p.; Ya i Mir Ob'ektov: opyt Philosofii Odinochestva i Obscheniya (lit.) I and the World of Objects: Philosophic knowledge of Solitude and Society.

(1937) THE ORIGIN OF RUSSIAN COMMUNISM trans by R. M. French, London: G. Bles, 1937, 188 p. (published first in German 1937; in Russian 1955); Istoki i Smysl Russkogo Kommunizma (lit.) Sources and Thought of Russian Communism.

(1937) SPIRIT AND REALITY trans by George Reavey, London: G. Bles, 1946, 181 p.

(1938) CHRISTIANITY AND ANTI-SEMITISM trans by Alan A. Spears & Victor B. Kantner, Aldington - Kent: 1952, 59 p.

(1939) SLAVERY AND FREEDOM trans by R. M. French, London: G. Bles, 1939, 268 p.; New York: Scribner's, 1939. (1939 pub. date may be errata in Klepinin Bibliography shewing neither trans nor #pages; my G. Bles copy shows 1943 first pub date); O Rabstve i Svobode Cheloveka (lit.) Concerning the Slavery and Freedom of Man

(1946) THE RUSSIAN IDEA trans by R. M. French, London: G. Bles, 1947, 255 p.; New York: MacMillan, 1947; Russkaya Ideya: Osnovnye Problemy Russkoi Mysli XIX Beka i Nachala XX Veka (lit.) The Russian Idea: Fundamental Problems of Russian Thought of XIX Century and Beginning of XX Century.

(1947) THE BEGINNING AND THE END: Essay on Eschatological Metaphysics, trans by R. M. French, London: G. Bles, 1952, 256 p., New York: Harper, 1952.; Opyt Eckhatologicheskoi Metafiziki: Tvorchestvo i Ob'ektivatsiya (lit.) Essay on Eschatological Metaphysics: Creativity and Objectification.

(1947) French Edition THE DIVINE AND THE HUMAN See Below (1952)...

(1949) TOWARDS A NEW EPOCH London: G. Bles, 1949 (English Collection of Berdyaev Journal Articles)

(1949) DREAM AND REALITY: An Essay in Autobiography, trans by Katherine Lambert, London: G. Bles, 1950, 326 p., New York: MacMillan, 1950; Samopoznanie: Opyt Filosofskoi Avtobiografii (lit.) SelfKnowledge: An Essay in Philosophic Autobiography.

(1949) THE REALM OF SPIRIT AND THE REALM OF CAESAR trans by Donald A. Lowrie, London: V. Gollanz, 1952, 182 p.; New York: Harper, 1953; Tsarstvo Dukha i Tsarstvo Kesarya (lit.) The Kingdom of Spirit and the Kingdom of Caesar

(1952) THE DIVINE AND THE HUMAN trans by R. M. French London: G. Bles, 1949, 202 p. (published first 1947 in French; 1952 Russian); Existentsial'naya Dialektika Bozhestvennogo i Chelovecheskogo (lit.) Existential Dialectics of the Divine and the Human.

(1953) TRUTH AND REVELATION trans by R. M. French, New York: Harper and Bros., 1953, 156 p.; London: G. Bles, 1954 (French pub. 1954; Russian n.d.); Istina i Otkrovenie: Prolegomeny k Kritike Otkroveniya (lit.) Truth and Revelation: Prolegomena to the Critique of Revelation


(1909) (VEKHI) SIGNPOSTS: A Collection of Articles on the Russian Intelligentsia, trans by Marshall s. Shatz and Judith E. Zimmerman; Irvine Calif: C. Schlacks Jr, 1986. Berdiaev: "Philosophical Verity and Intelligentsia Truth" (1910 first appeared in Dukhovnyi Krisis Intelligentsyi (lit.) Spiritual Crisis of the Intelligentsia).

(1918) (IZ GLUBINY) OUT OF THE DEPTHS=DE PROFUNDIS A Collection of Articles on the Russian Revolution, trans by William F. Woehrlin; Irvine Calif: C. Schlacks Jr., 1986 English Title of Berdyaev not shown (in original Russ. ed. is Dukhi Russkoi Revoliutsii (lit.) "The Spirit of the Russian Revolution" p.67-106 appearing serarately in July 1918 Journal Russkaya Mysl' p.39-73).

(1932) VITAL REALITIES by Carl Schmitt, Nicholas Berdyaev, and Michael De La Bedoyere, New York: Macmillan Company, 1932, 273 p.

(1948) LEO TOLSTOY: ESSAYS FROM TULA trans by Evgeny Lampert; London: Sheppard Press, 1948, 292p. Preface by Berdyaev: "The Voice of Conscience from another World. An Introduction..." p.9-18

(1958) SIX THEOSOPHIC POINTS: and Other Writings by Jacob Boehme, trans by John Rolleston; with introductory essay "Ungrund and Freedom" by Nicolas Berdyaev; Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1958, 208 p.

(1965) CHRISTIAN EXISTENTIALISM: A Berdyaev Anthology trans by Donald Lowrie; London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1965, 333 p.

(1965) RUSSIAN PHILOSOPHY: Vol III Pre-Revolutionary Philosophy and Theology-Philosphers in Exile-Marxists and Communists, ed by James M. Edie, James P. Scanlan, & Mary-Barbara Zeldin with collaboration of George L. Kline Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1965, Vol. III 521 p. 10 Berdyaev exerpts p.143-220 including "Subjectivism and Objectivism"(ie. Chapter I of 1901 Berdyaev's 1st Book: Sub'ektivizm i Individualizm v Obschestvennoi Filosofii, (lit.) Subjectivism and Individualism in Social Philosophy).

(1965) ULTIMATE QUESTIONS: An Anthology of Modern Russian Religious Thought, ed. by (Fr.)Alexander Schmemann New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1965, 310 p. (Chapter "Ethics of Creativity" from "The Destiny of Man")

(1968) READINGS IN RUSSIAN PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT ed by Louis J. Shein [Vol.1]; The Hague-Paris: Mouton, 1968, 337 p.(includes "Subjectivism and Individualism"-Vide Supra)


(1923) THE END OF THE RENAISSANCE. THE CONTEMPORARY CRISIS OF CULTURE, Slavonic Review, 1925 vi & xii. (ie. Chapter I in 1923 Berdyaev-edited anthology "Sophia: Problemy dukhovnoi kultury i religioznoi filosofia" (lit.) "Sophia: Problems of Spiritual Culture and Religious Philosophy")

(1928) IBSEN Cross Currents, 1955, Vol. V No. 2 (orig. appeared under title "Tri Iubileya: L. Tolstoi, Genrikh Ibsen, N. Fedorov" (lit.) "Three Jubilees: L. Tolstoy, Henrich Ibsen, N. Fedorov" in Put', jun. 1928, No. 11, p. 76-94).

(1931) THE PROBLEM OF CHRISTIAN CULTURE IN ORTHODOX CONSCIOUSNESS, Fellowship Journal, dec. 1931 No. 14, p. 263-269.

(1931) THE CRISIS OF CHRISTIANITY, Christendom, 1937, No. 2, p. 228-240 (orig. ap. title "Krizis Khristianstva i Krizis Kul'tury" (lit.) "Crisis of Christianity and Crisis of Culture" in Vestnik RSChD, aug,/sept. 1931, No. 8/9, p. 12-19).

(1933) YOUNG FRANCE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE, Dublin Review, jan. 1935 (orig. ap. title "Zhurnal Esprit i Dukhovno-Sotsial'nye Iskaniya Frantsuzskoi Molodezhi" (lit.) "Journal Esprit and Spiritu-Social Search of French Youth" in Put', jun. 1933, No. 39, p. 78-82).

(1933) THE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE OF HUMAN ASSOCIATION, Christendom, 1933, III, No.10, p.93-104.

(1933) A CRITICAL NOTE OF DR J. HECKER'S MOSCOW DIALOGUES, Christendom, 1933, No.12, p. 315-319.

(1934) THE METAMORPHOSIS OF MARXISM, Blackfriars, feb. 1934, No.167; American Review, sept. 1934, No.4

(1934) ABOUT THE NEW CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY, Sobornost', sept. 1934, No.25

(1935) MARXISM AND THE CONCEPTION OF PERSONALITY, Christendom, dec. 1935 No.2 (orig. ap. title "Personalizm i Marksizm" in Put', jul./sept. 1935, No.48, p. 3-19).

(1936) SPIRITUAL DUALISM AND DAILY BREAD, American Scholar, 1938 (orig. ap. title "Neogumanizm, Marksizm i Dukhovnye Tsennosti" (lit.) "Neo-Humanism, Marxism and Spiritual Values" in Covremennye zapiski, 1936, No.60, p. 319-324).

(1936) THE BROTHERHOOD OF MEN AND THE RELIGIONS Proceedings of the World Congress of Faiths, 3-17 jul. 1936 p. 75-84 -- London, A. Douglas Millard ed.

(1936) WAR AND THE CHRISTIAN CONSCIENCE, Sobornost' aug. 1936; Reconciliation, aug. 1936; Pax Pamphlets, 1938, No.2

(1945) ATTITUDES TOWARD THE REVOLUTION: The Evolution of and of , The Commonweal 24/28 sept. 1945 (orig. ap. title "Prevrascheniya i " in Russkii Patriot, 10 feb. 1945, No.16; and in Novoe Russkoe Slovo...)

(1945) THE PERSON AND THE COMMUNAL SPIRIT IN THE CONSCIENCE OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE, Transformation, 1947, No.4, p. 7-23 (Russ. orig. not published; first pub. in French, Cahiers de la nouvelle epoque, 1945, No.1; article included in 1949 Book "Towards a New Epoch" Vide Supra)

(1948) THE CRISIS OF MAN IN THE MODERN WORLD, International Affairs, jan.1948.

(1948) POLITICAL TESTAMENT, World Review, mar. 1949 (orig. pub. first in French in Le Cheval Blanc, 1948, No.4/5)

(1952) THE TRUTH OF ORTHODOXY, The Student World, jul. 1958, XXI, p. 249-263 (orig. ap. 1952 in Vestnik zap.-evropeiskogo patriarshego ekzarkhata, jul. 1952, ns No.11, p. 4-10).


Chronological-flow Ordering from previous Parts continued for purposes of developmental perspective.

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