The United States Lighthouse Society

The United States Lighthouse Society

The United States Lighthouse Society is a non-profit historical and educational organization incorporated to educate, inform, and entertain those who are interested in America's lighthouses, past and present.

Modern technology has doomed the classic lighthouse. The Coast Guard, in its role as custodian, has automated all the light stations in this country and, in the process, has eliminated the need for operating personnel. Sterile, rotating aerobeacons on monopoles have replaced many of those proud coastal ladies of former years with their sweeping towers of brick and Victorian gingerbread.

In selected cases, the Coast Guard is licensing some formerly-manned and discontinued light stations to qualified groups. Many of the light stations that were considered as no longer functional have been transferred to various states, counties, or to non-profit groups and are now serving as museums, bed-and-breakfast inns, or youth hostels.

Although the almost 300-year-old era of manned light stations in this country has come to a close, those remaining symbols of our maritime heritage can, and should be, preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. With this in mind, the U.S. Lighthouse Society was founded to assist in the preservation of America's lighthouses and to help qualified groups in their efforts to return the nation's lighthouses to the public domain.



Since our inception in the Fall of 1984 the Society has accomplished much.

The Thread That Binds The Society

Our KEEPER'S LOG, a 48-page glossy quarterly, is "the thread that binds the society." The first section is historical in nature, featuring a famous American Lighthouse cover story, a human interest article, and usually a foreign lighthouse story. Other subjects explored in this section are Related Aids to Navigation (history of lightships, fog signals, etc.) and Clockworks (technical). Every issue also features Pages from the Past (excerpts from old Keepers' logs), and articles from the "U.S. Lighthouse Service Bulletins" (published every month from 1912 to 1939).

The second section, Notice to Keepers, is contemporary, telling about current events in our various Districts (New England, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, etc.). Information about newly-restored lighthouses, those open to the public, groups looking for caretakers for their lighthouses and even the occasional lighthouse for sale is included in this section. Also featured in the second section of the LOG are book and video reviews, foreign affairs, letters to the Keeper, stamp news, a poem, and a modest amount of advertising related to lighthouse articles for sale. The entire LOG is laced with historic and contemporary photographs.

With the KEEPER'S LOG, members also receive an 8-page Society Bulletin detailing our various projects around the country, regional lighthouse tours and products for sale.

If you are interested in lighthouses, lightships, and kindred subjects, the U.S. Lighthouse Society is for you. Membership in the Society (a strictly non-profit organization) is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Membership CategoryDuesDescription
KEEPER$25Basic annual membership, which includes The Keeper's Log, newsletter, a bumper sticker, and membership card
KEEPER'S FAMILY$35Same as above plus multiple membership cards, window decal and 10% discount on Keeper's Locker items
DISTRICT INSPECTOR$60All of the above plus lighthouse surprises during the year
DEPUTY COMMISSIONER$250All of the above plus additional lighthouse surprises during the year
COMMISSIONER'S CIRCLE$500Lifetime membership plus all the benefits of the Keeper's Family
PATRON OF PHAROS$1000Same as above plus a special plaque and personal updates from the Head Keeper
Note: Foreign members, please add $10 for overseas shipments

For additional information, contact:

The U.S. Lighthouse Society
244 Kearney Street -- Fifth Floor
San Francisco, California 94108

Phone: (415) 362-7255

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